About VDK Web Productions

VDK Web Productions was officially established in September 2008.

    VDKWP is a web and graphic design company and is owned and operated by Mark Van De Kerckhove. It hopes to create an easier and more affordable way for smaller businesses to advertise themselves. We hope to achieve this by offering a variety of ways for businesses to advertise because each business is unique. Not one single business is the same, and that is why we hope to create advertisements and products that are unique to each business.

    In order to reach our goals we are striving to offer lower prices than the competition with no reduction in quality, quantity, and overall effectiveness. We are also developing our own websites that allow businesses, or even the general public, to advertise their products and/or services. VDKWP hopes to minimize the amount a business has to spend in advertising, without minimizing its exposure or its revenue.